A Statement from the Nation of Themyscira

The Amazonian nation of Themyscira is pleased to announce the ascension of a new Queen, following ancient protocol. Our new Queen is Diana, daughter of Hippolyta, Queen Eternal of Themyscira. We are proud to have Diana as our new Queen, and as our Queen, we greatly prize her new leadership.

As part of the new reign, Themyscira would also like to publicly acknowledge their brothers, the Gargareans, and their own nation, Thalarion. Both Themyscira and Thalarion have agreed to be sister and brother nations, in both adherence to shared Patrons and as a symbol of friendship going forward from both rulers, Queen Diana and King Achilles Warkiller. This is also in accordance to the wishes of other Amazonian tribes across the globe, who also send well wishes and agree with this ascension.

As this is a time of transition, we still hold to our previous laws for our islands in regards to Man's World. In addition, Diana will still retain her role at the Embassy, her role Wonder Woman and her position with the Justice League. Our Embassy remains open and as we go forward in this time, we will update the public when we can of any changes. If there are any inquiries, our Embassy will address those as soon as they are able.