The first wonder woman movie came out in 1974 It was produced by ABC, and was supposed to serve as the movie that would launch a series for the heroine. However, the film was not recieved well for various reasons.
The first wonder woman was played by Cathy Lee Crosby. Noticeably, this version of Diana is blonde haired instead of having her signature dark hair.
Cathy Lee Crosby was partially chosen for her athetlicism, as she was a professional tennis player who played at Wimbeldon twice.
The series featured very few of the classical elements of Wonder Woman, as they were based more on her "mod" run.
This means, this Wonder Woman had no powers in this special.
Diana was instead turned into a James Bond-esque Superspy At the time filming began, Wonder Woman had lost her superpowers in the comics and depended on martial arts training. DC Comics restored Wonder Woman's powers while the film was in production.
There was a stroke of luck One of the women who unsucessfully auditioned for the part was Lynda Carter who would bring an iconic portrayal of Diana to the screen the very next year.
Wonder Woman '74 still has a place in DC Comics The Cathy Lee Crosby version of Wonder Woman would eventually appear in DC Comics, first as an alternate Earth Wonder Woman in "Infinite Crisis", then as an adversary of the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman in "Wonder Woman '77".