despite popular belief, the lasso of truth is connected to submission and not the lie detector test. wonder woman's creator worked on the very first polygraph and many people belief the lasso of truth came from his research with the polygraph. in truth, the lasso is connected to one of the most major themes in her creation: the act of submission. william moulton marston believed submission was an act of pleasure, and wanted the lasso to reinforce this fact.
the lasso is a dimension of its own, and in that place, Diana knows the soul of her captive, and more dangerously still, the captive sees into Diana. Gail Simone
the lasso is always the perfect length diana needs, even if that need is to wrap around the entire earth
Wonder Woman's proteges, Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark, also used lassos, the former using Donna Troy's Lasso and later the Lasso of Persuasion, and the latter using the Lasso of Lightning. Diana's evil counterpart, Superwoman, used a lasso, the Lasso of Submission.
"we weren't weak and soft like your nice-nice amazons. we were fierce and proud and triumphant!"
do you vow to protect the innocent, and help those in need? that's all i ever wanted. i vow.
I now entrust you to earn this lasso's new name... The Golden Promise Superwoman used the lasso of submission for unspeakable evil. I've protected it since her death. But i've seen such strength in you ARtemis... I challenge you to redeem it. I trust you can balance every wrong committed with it twice over. As Wonder woman, I wield the Golden Perfect.
“Next time anyone says you can't like something, put this in their hand and ask them again. Because the truth is: being true to yourself is never wrong.”