the woman that andrea meets cannot walk, cannot speak, but inexplicably always finds herself drawn to the ocean. andrea wants to know more, but is afraid of what this mysterious woman will tell her. a wlw mermaid romance. published in 2011.
dracula's brides have always been nameless, voiceless, and without a history. until now. novella, focused around dracula's brides. published in 2012.
helena dreams of golden shores, and doesn't understand why; not until the scales start to show. novella, focused around a girl with mermaid ancestors. published in 2013.
all she wants to do is be a good step mother. and yet, that isn't her fate. snow white's mother, a novella. published in 2015.
she is a dead stepmother, and a malevolent witch. snow white's mother, a novella. sequel to the witch of foxfield. published in 2016.
the knight of green never leaves without a heart. the hunter of snow white, from a new perspective. published 2018.