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Dec 09, 2018
Bank of America
to me

Account: Bank of America MasterCard ending in 6167
Date: 12/08/18
Due Date: 01/09/2018
Minimum Payment Due: $30.00
New Statement Balance: $1,484.72

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wonder woman vid
Dec 6, 2018
to me

Sooooo... where's my deposit for this?? $400 is $400 and I got tmz on the line if you won't hurry up

Dec 6, 2018
Arthur Reid
to KAY

Hello Kay! I'm very sorry for the delay on this. I will have your money sent to you in an hour, as your footage was VERY helpful with my story. :) I appreciate your help with this. xo Arty Reid

Dec 6, 2018
to me

no problem. girl got bills to pay. 😋😋😋😋

Wonder Woman Sighting
Dec 5, 2018
K. Ramamurthy
to me

I'm sorry but the footage you requested from me isn't legible, Mr. Reid. It's too much of a blur despite the camera. Are you still interested in this?

Dec 5, 2018
Arthur Reid
to M. Ramamurthy

I won't be able to pay you as much but I still want the footage. Every little bit goes a long way. Please send it to me! xo Arty Reid

Beach Footage
Dec 1, 2018
Jennifer Lee
to me

Concerning the Beach Footage: idk what i say, but Footage located here. Thanks for the $$$.

(no subject)
Nov 25, 2018
Leo K.
to me

man all this footage hitting twitter is SICK. i'll text you some accounts to hit up.