TO: Sikander Winters
FROM: Victor Fries
SUBJECT: September 16th to September 22nd

This has been written to the full extent of my abilities regarding the week of September 16th to September 22nd. The activities of these days will not be known to you, and as I have been told, it is best to leave an indication of ones whereabouts in times like these. What this letter contains is true, no matter what thoughts you may have otherwise. The only person with access to these notes will be you, Sikander Frost, alone. I advised against going to a professional about any of this, as that will endanger you and I.

Failure to heed that will be your own destruction.

We are not friends, Mr. Winters. We seem to be inhabitatns of the same body, forced to manage ourselves in the best manner possible. No attempts will be made to interrupt current work cycle.

    September 16th.

    Inspected the house. Created an inventory of current amenities, familiarized myself with identity of Sikander Frost. Responded to no communication. Made note of current news cycle - possible citing of the Joker. Read over emails detailing process for this week.

    September 17th.

    As previously agreeed upon, attended to OBGYN duties from 7.10 am to 9.00 pm. Performed usual duies of Sikander Frost. Investigated current happenings, took communication from outsiders. Observed current enviornment, including reistance to heat. Found that currently, suit is not needed. Fed cats.

    September 18th.

    Noted second Joker citing. Contniued to tend to OBGYN duties. Attempted to find cold gun - no results. Still no need for suit - cryonic biology is different. Body temperature can reach much lower temperatures than previously recorded. Adverse reactions to current heat are too subtle to be recorded. Opened seperate drop box and obtained locker. Fed cats.

    September 19th

    Cancelled current OBGYN duties due to previous Joker citings. Contnued seperate work into cryonic biology and powers. Was able to lower temperatures in public spaces to -50° with minimal effort. Still able to conduct normal activities without aid of suit. Fed cats. Tended to plants.

    September 20th

    Spoke to Felix after consulting news reports regarding current mayhem in San Francisco. Was able to assure him of personal safety. Dissuaded a visit. Set up a dinner appointment for 10.2.2018. Will forward reservations. Conducted further experiemnts regarding temperature control. Found a few vulnerabilites in current scope of power. Will start notes for an amended suit and gun. Fed cats.

    September 21st

    Attempted to test powers in an extreme heat enviornment, without protection of suit and use of cold gun. Current physiology can withstand temperatures averaging 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Control over physiology becomes harder to control in temperatures. Encountered Joker unsucessfully. Unable to locate him, and had an encounter with unidenitifed woman. Sustained minimal injuries. Recovered quicker than usual in home.

    Was able to create another inventory and provided reciepts from the week. Fed cats.

    September 22nd

    Checked injuries. Sustained few - all have been healed conclusively. Arranged house as it was at beginning of the week. Sent automated email, secured information and left details regarding week for Sikander Frost. Fed cats. Managed alert system for next excursion.

Findings from this week are varied. Found that it is a phenomena that occurs every month. Should be expected that things from my world will come to this one. There have been unprecedented changes in current biology that are not explaned by previous knowledge and cannot yet be assumed to be a result of this new situation. What can be conclusively said: the game has changed. The rules of engangement are different. Rigorous attention must be paid to detail of new and old lives.

Futher communication will be vital. Unsure of what results this will yield with Sikander Winters. Record will be kept each week, regardless of interpersonal opinions.