A Statement from Diana Prince and Penelope Dupree

My name is Diana Prince, the Amazonian Princess of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. Some of you now know me as Penelope Dupree, due to a series of hacks that have spread among the populace like wildfire.

This is not how I would have introduced myself to you, had I the chance to do so on my own terms. On my own terms, this would have been gradual, at the comfort and respect of Penelope Dupree, the woman whose body and soul I share. It would have been with the foreknowledge of the friends and family we have both made in this world, with the blessings of my sisters both Amazonian and otherwise, and with the care necessary to break this news to all.

Instead of that introduction, what has happened is a violation of Penelope Dupree, and anyone that she has come into contact with. There was no sense of kindness extended when these hackers infiltrated her life, and the lives of many others. Only a need to know, a sense of ownership over a life that is not theirs, information that was not theirs to take, and a desire to spread chaos. I, Diana Prince, have always understood that I was to lead a public life of my choosing to do what was right. Penelope did not have that agreement with the public that I have enjoyed at home.

I would not have introduced myself this way, and now I must live with what has been done, and so must Penelope. If the people who have done this wish to come forward to make amends, my hand is extended. I am willing to talk, to understand, and to mete a punishment befitting the crime. If they do not, then I will simply state that what must be done to be brought to justice will be done. For those of you who have learned all they can from this hack, and have jumped to various conclusions, I will leave you to your speculations; neither Penelope nor I have any desire to answer your questions now. For those of you who suggested that this is a publicity stunt, I assure you that such a thing was never in the cards for me. Neither myself or Penelope have any intent on giving our blessing to any product or franchise now or in the coming months.

Any further communication will come from official channels that will be communicated after this statement and corroborated through the recovered channels belonging to Penelope. Despite this unfortunate introduction, we both are still dedicated to others, in any world we may find ourselves in.